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Peace and Prosper

The road to recovery can be long and incredibly difficult. At Debras House, we provide residents with a safe and secure environment, but also with a network of support that will help them get stronger and prepare for their return to normal life.


Residents at Debras House are free to find their way with no judgement, but at the same time must adhere to our foundation of rules. Our experienced team knows that every healing process is different.


Commit, Recover, and Thrive!

Our mission is to provide a safe, loving & sober environment for individuals who are seriously seeking recovery & aspire at a chance for a new beginning!!
Free To Grow, Thrive & Recover

After completion of the housing phases each member will be clean, have permanent housing, and a strong foundation of tools to stay clean empowering them to become positive role models!!!

⦁    Provide safe, loving, sober environment.
⦁    Provide counselling sessions.
⦁    Provide transportation to required meetings such as AA & NA.
⦁    Provide education and access to community resources.
⦁    Provide mentorship through peer support.

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